Galloping through the wilderness.

Galloping through the wilderness.

This is an incredible feeling when you can just let your horse go. You can feel their muscles working beneath you ,pulling them selves into a full gallop. I think sometimes when it’s safe to do so cantering or galloping is great for your horse and you, it must feel great for the horses to be able to stretch their legs and feel so free.


“It is the difficult horses that have the most to give you”- unknown

So True

They may seem difficult while you are riding them, but when you stop and start to ride another horse you will realize how much they have taught you. These horses are the ones that teach you to have a good seat and how to deal with difficult horses, I know I am grateful for the difficult horses that have come my way and I know I am a better rider today because of them. So if you are dealing with a challenging horse at the moment stay with it, and just remember that they will be teaching great lessons that will help you now and later on when you go on to ride other horses.

Thank You

Thank You

Remember to always say thank you to your horse, after every ride, every good time. I know I do because I am extremely grateful for my horses, I love being around them they are genuine souls and are willing to try any new thing no matter how crazy. Saying thank you is so easy and they deserve it.

Horse and Rider

Horse and Rider

This quote ” Your horse can only be as brave as you are” ~unknown, I find is extremely true from experience, if you are afraid about going over or through something your horse feel that energy and they will not be as confident to do what you are asking of them. Can you blame them? They can feel when you are happy, sad, nervous and afraid if their rider is afraid they will feel the need also even if nothing is wrong. This especially occurs in young green horses.

My Bucket List So Far Long Way To Go :D

( Fazz=My horse)

– Raise a foal.
– Go 3 day eventing with Fazz.
– Get a dream ranch.
– Go to Belize, Paris, Hawaii, Mexico, Key largo Florida.
– Go to college.
– Go to university.
– Go out for dinner and order dessert first.
– Hold a Koala.
– Have a walk-in closet.
– Random act of kindness#1.
– Canter Fazz bareback on a beach.
– Go swimming in a lake with Fazz.
– Rescue a horse.
– Rescue a dog.
– Get Fazz the best he can be.
– Ride Fazz everyday this summer.
– Go on a pack trip (camping with Pony).
– Pursue career that will keep me happy (as stress free as possible)
– Have a alkaline body.
– Random act of kindness #2.

Approaching a New Horse

When approaching a horse that is unfamiliar to you make sure that the horse knows your presences. Be patient and wait let the horse suss you out. When horse is comfortable with your presences slowly walk towards him/her speaking softly, with no sudden movements to spook horse arms low. When you don’t know a horse you stay away from the back end of them. when you get to the horse let him/her sniff your hand it’s almost like shaking hands with the horse, let the horse think about it after then slowly take a step forwards and stroke his/her neck and slowly put lead rope over their neck, be patient slide halter over nose slowly and do up the halter and you are good to go.