My Bucket List So Far Long Way To Go :D

( Fazz=My horse)

– Raise a foal.
– Go 3 day eventing with Fazz.
– Get a dream ranch.
– Go to Belize, Paris, Hawaii, Mexico, Key largo Florida.
– Go to college.
– Go to university.
– Go out for dinner and order dessert first.
– Hold a Koala.
– Have a walk-in closet.
– Random act of kindness#1.
– Canter Fazz bareback on a beach.
– Go swimming in a lake with Fazz.
– Rescue a horse.
– Rescue a dog.
– Get Fazz the best he can be.
– Ride Fazz everyday this summer.
– Go on a pack trip (camping with Pony).
– Pursue career that will keep me happy (as stress free as possible)
– Have a alkaline body.
– Random act of kindness #2.


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