Merry Christmas everybody!! Hope you all have a great time over the holidays make sure to give your four legged friends a longer, tighter hug and a few more treats this Christmas.

Merry Christmas


Approaching a New Horse

When approaching a horse that is unfamiliar to you make sure that the horse knows your presences. Be patient and wait let the horse suss you out. When horse is comfortable with your presences slowly walk towards him/her speaking softly, with no sudden movements to spook horse arms low. When you don’t know a horse you stay away from the back end of them. when you get to the horse let him/her sniff your hand it’s almost like shaking hands with the horse, let the horse think about it after then slowly take a step forwards and stroke his/her neck and slowly put lead rope over their neck, be patient slide halter over nose slowly and do up the halter and you are good to go.